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Our international team of IB tutors are the foremost team of IB & IGCSE educators. Find out more about the unrivalled online tuition we offer on the website.
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Learn more about the programmes and subjects we support students with as part of our unmatched online support.

Online tuition across the IB programmes, delivered by the foremost team

A decade of delivering outstanding tuition means we can offer students and families the broadest choice of international programmes and subjects, while maintaining an unrivalled standard of tuition.
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International GCSEs

Tuition for students taking the widely implemented Cambridge certification in IB world schools.

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Middle Years Programme

Tuition for students taking the IBO's pre-DP programme.

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IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Support with IB graduates, teachers and Examiners in the IBDP.

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IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Trusted IB expertise

We've built the foremost team of IB educators, all exceptional IB graduates, IB teachers and IB Examiners. The DP is at the heart of the support we offer students, and every student can benefit from the knowledge of our team.
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International teachers and Examiners

We work with hundreds of qualified IB world school teachers and Examiners, all experts in their fields and coached in online delivery.


Outstanding IB Knowledge

We only work with tutors who know the IB inside-out and who are ready to offer students outstanding support. That's why our IB-graduate tutors' average score is 43 points.

Trained & Coached

We don't just rely on our tutors' knowledge and expertise. We also train them to provide the best online tuition to students, which takes advantage of all the best tools.

Find out more about our IB subject support

Having the best team of IB tutors means we also offer the broadest range of IB subject tuition available and a decade of experience means we know the best way to approach each individual subject. Read more about how we approach supporting IB students in some of our most popular subjects below.

IB expertise, trusted by IB schools

We've built a reputation with IB schools internationally, and you'll be learning from the same team of tutors we send to schools as substitute teachers, who deliver our IB assemblies and more.
Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Shoot for the stars with our MYP tutors

We don't just let any tutor support our MYP students, we work with tutors who we trust to deliver MYP support with the dynamism and enthusiasm the Programme demands.
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Committed to the End

We work with hundreds of qualified and trained IB world school teachers and examiners, experts in their fields and trained in online delivery.

MYP Teachers

Our outstanding team includes MYP teachers from all over the world. With a team like ours, students can continue to build and progress on their school material as well as engage with the MYP ethos.

Helping student prepare

The MYP is a critical stage for students as they prepare for their 16-18 qualifications and university. EIB tutors understand the importance of good knowledge and skills to prepare for every student's next steps.

EIB are a real gem for families inhabiting the world of the International Baccalaureate.

The Good Schools Guide

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IGSCE support

Often the first assessed exams students encounter, many EIB tutors experienced this IB pathway, meaning they're well prepared to calm nerves, prepare students, and deliver excellence.
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IGCSE Tutors

IGCSE is the most common pathway into the Diploma, and so our team of exceptional IB educators is perfectly poised to help students with their pre-16 studies, and transition them into the IB.

Perfect Proposals

We don't just place you with the first available tutor, like other IB agencies. Instead, we speak with every student and family to understand their needs and make excellent proposals of the tutor we think is the right fit.

Feedback and Progress

Tutors and students provide regular feedback on progress, goals, and upcoming projects and work, letting you control over your tuition and chart its efficacy.

What next?

Learn more about what makes EIB's online tuition the best solution for every student.

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