Pre-IB Summer Course

The Pre-IB Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

Pre-IB Revision Course, 2018

Course Structure

27th July, 30th July - 1st August 2018

The Pre-IB Course offers students who will be starting their first year of the IB this autumn the chance to ensure that they are perfectly prepared for the academic years to come. Are you are already set on which subjects you will be taking? Are still debating whether you dare to step up to the challenge of Maths HL? Or perhaps are choosing between Chemistry or Biology, or both? Our offering of workshops are set to create a course that is perfect for YOU.

Before your IB - make the right decisions - 27th July 2018

You might already have a pretty good idea of which subjects you will be taking in the IB, but we all know how difficult it can be to be 100% sure you have made the right decision. This day offers students the chance to gain confidence in both the subject selection as well as the level choices, with emphasis on understanding some of the key aspects of the IB, from TOK to the EE.

  • Mathematics - Explore the differences the Higher, Standard, and Studies syllabuses of math in the IB: what's in each level and what should you choose?

  • Which Science, Which Humanities? - Hear from an IB science expert and an IB humanities expert about the subject selection for Group 3 and 4, and what you should be considering when making your choices.

  • Introduction to TOK - Unique amongst educational programmes, the IB’s core Theory of Knowledge course can be daunting in its unfamiliarity. Our Theory of Knowledge workshop tutor will guide you through the groundwork so you can begin in September with a confident understanding of TOK.

  • Internal Assessments and Extended Essays - Part of success in the IB comes from mastering your academic writing skills. With internal assessments in all subjects, and an important decision in your first IB year of which subject to do your Extended Essay in, this workshop will explore both the key skills required to succeed in each of these. In particular, it will also cover how to choose your topics and and research areas with a view of your future areas of study.

Subject Workshops

With subject workshops you can begin the IB with the confidence that you already have already mastered the basics of your subject and are prepared for the common pitfalls and challenges students encounter.

  • Pick your subjects - Choose three subjects, each running over an intensive one-day period.

  • Know the pre-assumed knowledge - Don't lose out on a head start in the IB simply from gaps in your knowledge. FInd out and learn what you need to know as you begin each syllabus.

  • Get ahead of the curve - Our IB tutors know their subjects better than anyone else (their average score is 43), and so they’re perfectly placed to introduce you to your subjects.

IB Preparation Core Workshops
Friday 27th July

27th July

Attendees will attend the following four workshops:

Maths in the IB: Picking the right level

Which Humanities, Which Science?

Internal Assessments and Extended Essays

Introduction to TOK

Subject revision and preparation
30th July-1st August

Attendees can choose to attend 1 up to 3 subject specific workshops

30th July

Mathematics HL/SL (Advanced)

Mathematics SL/Studies (Standard)

31st July

Biology HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Physics HL/SL

1st August


Chemistry HL/SL


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