Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Support

With years of experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and an outstanding team of Oxford and Cambridge graduate Consultants, our admissions support is positioned to support applicants in every step of their application: from selecting the perfect college to preparing for their interview.

Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Support

Our Expertise & Successes

From guiding students how to select the perfect college to preparing them for their interview, our experience of delivering an unrivalled quality of support to every applicant rests on the values every member of our team shares: that every student and application is different; that no individual knows what support each student needs better than the student themself; and that every student requires time to learn how best to demonstrate their achievements and ambition as part of their application.

IB, A-level,

Our team of Consultants has supported students from a range of academic backgrounds and qualifications, including the IB, A-levels, and the Cambridge Pre-U.


application success

55% of students who received support from our Consultants received offers from Oxford or Cambridge compared to an average of ~20% nationally.

Truly Personal Support

Every applicant first consults with our Oxford & Cambridge Admissions team, detailing their objectives, the kind of support they believe they require, and their current progress with their application before being placed with a Consultant. Each student we support is placed with a single Consultant - a graduate in their chosen field of study - who supports them for the duration of their application. Students and Consultants work closely together, in tandem, to craft a programme of support that suits the applicant best, building their confidence and knowledge of the admissions process and challenging students to better their applications. If an applicant is applying for a joint honours degree, we’ll place them with a primary Consultant from the degree’s home department, and a second Consultant to also advise them on their application.


consultants in our team.

With such an accomplished team of Consultants, appplicants receiving our support can be sure they'll be placed with the perfect Consultant.

A Truly International Team

After graduating from Oxford or Cambridge, many of our consultants continued their careers in industries around the world, making our team of Consultants truly international.

With one-to-one support from their Consultant, students stand to benefit from the personal rapport they build with their advisor over time. As a graduate in their field of study, Consultants share with applicants their exceptional subject-knowledge, expertise, and experience, giving every student an insight into their chosen subject and university that is invaluable as they make their application.


offered interview

100% of students who received support from our Consultants when applying to Oxford or Cambridge for 2017 entry were invited to interview.

Consultants in every field

Every applicant we support is placed with a Consultant who graduated from Oxford or Cambridge in their chosen field of study, to ensure each student only receives the best help.

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If you have questions about the support we can provide to you as you make your university applications, you can get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, you can call us at +65(0) 90991775 to speak with a member of the team.