Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

Prepare for your interview with a morning of interview technique seminars from our team of Oxbridge graduates and an afternoon of mock interviews, with Oxford & Cambridge graduates who studied in your chosen field. Including former Professors of Mathematics at Oxford and Directors of Studies at Cambridge, our team of application Consultants are prefectly poised to help you bring out the best of your application at your interview.


We’re proud so many students join us each year to lay the groundwork for a successful interview at our Mock Interview Course. You can see just some of the outstanding feedback received from past attendees at the course, as well as from applicants who have received support from their consultants throughout the year below.

You can read more testimonials from students on our website, where you can also register for the course.

It is a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students - and parents - through the demanding requirements of school and college preparation.
Parent of student applying for 2018 entry
Fantastic course, thank you very much! So many good things to look over and prepare for. Thank you!
Mock Interview Course 2016 student

I am writing this email to thank you for the advice and support you have given me since the beginning of this process. Regarding the Cambridge interview I had, it went well overall. Surprisingly, I enjoyed both interviews. I was asked about lots of different things as each of the interviewers were specialists in different areas of the biological natural sciences, having a molecular biologist, a biological mathematician, a neuroscientist and the director of studies of Emmanuel College.

I also remembered [my consultants] Wei Hao and Tim during the interview because they asked me about cystic fibrosis, I remembered you asking me that question and going through it together, so thank you!

Essentially, what I have achieved wouldn't have been possible in some way without you. It has been a fascinating learning process during my talks with Wei Hao and incredibly useful advice from Tim. Now it is just a matter of waiting until the 12th of January to know the result... Thank so much again for mentoring me and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Applicant to Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

In my interactions with Charlotte I gained a lot of knowledge for my Cambridge interview for Land Economy. By taking three mock interviews, I got an idea of what to expect in the interview and how to handle questions I didn’t know the answer to. During the interviews she also gave me a lot of information about the college, the course, as well as being my interviewer.

Charlotte was of great help throughout our sessions and prompt in replying to my emails queries too. She was a great help in preparing me for the interview, and I'm sure it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did had it not been for her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help in preparation for the Land Economy at Cambridge.