Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

Prepare for your interview with a morning of interview technique seminars from our team of Oxbridge graduates and an afternoon of mock interviews, with Oxford & Cambridge graduates who studied in your chosen field. Including former Professors of Mathematics at Oxford and Directors of Studies at Cambridge, our team of application Consultants are prefectly poised to help you bring out the best of your application at your interview.

Fees & Payment

Total: $350

Reservation fee: $50
In order to secure your place at the Mock Interview Course, we require an upfront non-refundable reservation fee to be paid within 48 hours of the registration.

Final payment: $350
In order to ensure we can make all necessary arrangements for the Course in good time, including preparing our mentors for the correct number of attendees and preparing materials for students to take away and benefit from after the course, we require the final payment to be paid 1 week before the start of the Course, making the final payment date 6th October 2017.

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