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    What are badges?

    We love to celebrate the achievements of our IB tutors and badges are one way we do that. Badges let you know more about the experience and background of each tutors from being an official IB Examiner to holding a first class degree or being a longstanding member of the Elite IB team.

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    This badge lets you know this tutor holds a doctoral degree.

    Russell Group

    This tutor is studying or has a degree from a Russell Group university.

    IB Examiner

    This tutor is a certified Examiner of the IB's syllabi.


    Tutors who are studying or hold a degree from Oxford or Cambridge.

    Online Guru

    Online Gurus have completed over 250 hours of online tuition with students.

    First Class

    Displayed on the profiles of tutors who obtained a First Class (1:1) Degree.


    Signifies tutors who have taught over 300 hours of lessons to Elite IB students.


    A badge for tutors who have taught Elite IB students for more than 200 hours .