Mid-IB Summer Revision Course

For students entering into their final year of the International Baccalaureate. At our Mid-IB Revision Course you’ll revise your first year material and get a head start on your final year subjects, as well as be introduced to the key IB skills you need to know to excel in the IB.

Course structure

  • 2 core days followed by 2 subjects, with a final optional subject day on the 5th day
  • The core course over the first 2 days will focus on: Syllabus content and exam technique; Improving working habits, writing technique and academic performance; In-depth workshops for University applications, Extended essay, TOK & Graphic calculator use
  • Final 3 days will be focusing on subject-specific workshops including: Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Humanities tuition
  • Students rotate between 4-5 workshops each day
  • Maximum 6 students per workshop
CORE WORKSHOPS  The core course over the first 2 days will focus on: Syllabus content and exam technique; Improving working habits, writing technique and academic performance; In-depth workshops for University applications, Extended essay, TOK & Graphic calculator use. SUBJECT WORKSHOPS  In the remaining days of the course, students devote their time to revising their first year IB material in their chosen subjects, and ensuring they are perfectly prepared for the start of their final year. ADDITIONAL WORKSHOPS  You can add an additional workshop for a subject if you wish to cover three subjects over the course.
Theory of Knowledge      
Extended Essay        
Overview oxbridge & US Aplications        
Maths core skills & calculator use        
Study skills & academic writing        
Ucas Applications        
Maths hl, sl, or studies        
Physics hl, sl        
Chemistry hl, sl      
Biology hl, sl      
Humanities & Languages        
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Careers booth

Mid-IB Core Workshops

icon Theory of Knowledge Aug 1st and 2nd

Review your IBDP1 learning and re-focus for the new academic year by cementing the Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing, their links to your other subjects, and how to express your personal engagement in your TOK assessments. Develop your ideas to put together a complex and interesting essay, and make use the opportunity to talk through your presentation ideas, as well as any broader TOK queries with a TOK Examiner and expert.

icon Extended Essay Aug 1st

This is a unique opportunity to discuss your Extended Essay ideas and areas of interest with similarly-minded peers as guided and led by Extended Essay experts. Questions regarding structure, research, and the potential scope of the EE can all be addressed, along with any further questions you may have.

icon Oxbridge & US Applications Aug 1st

Our Oxbridge graduate mentors will deliver guidance with choosing the right institution and subject to pursue after the IB; what Oxford and Cambridge look for in each candidate; how to craft your personal statement(s); overview and preparation for admissions tests; interview technique; and addressing all and any queries about applying to Oxford and Cambridge.

icon Maths Core Skills & Calculator Use Aug 2nd

Maximise familiarity with all IBDP1 material, as well as with your graphical calculator, to reduce future stress when preparing for exams. Subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry & Economics all rely heavily on basic mathematical principles such as linear and quadratic equations, mathematical regression, and many other techniques which every IB student should have up their sleeve. In this workshop, EIB Maths tutors will give you a step-by-step "recipe" walkthrough of the key calculator and core skills you will need, as well as putting them into practice on the day.

icon Study Skills & Academic Writing Aug 2nd

Secure your revision skills, note-taking, referencing, and organisation prior to IBDP2 final exams, as well as ensure that your academic writing doesn't let you down with silly slip-ups. There are certain skills and techniques which can be learnt, developed, and applied across a number of subjects that will guarantee an improvement in your essays. This workshop will look at methods to ensure a high-quality, analysis-driven approach to writing in the IB.

icon UCAS Applications Aug 1st

Understand the steps of applying to UK universities before the October/January deadline. You will be counselled in small groups on the specific steps you will need to undertake when applying for your preferred subjects, the preparations necessary to create the best possible applications, and, of course, receive personal statement guidance, tailored to your ambitions.

icon Careers Booth Aug 1st and 2nd

Pop in at any time during the day, or after the workshops finish, to discuss careers and other options one-on-one with a member of the EIB team.

Mid-IB Additional Workshops

In addition to the core workshops we provide three days of optional subject-specific support, covering topics chosen by the attendees, to maximise subject knowledge and confidence before the beginning of the new academic year.

icon Maths HL, SL, or Studies

icon Biology HL or SL

icon Physics HL or SL

icon Chemistry HL or SL

icon Humanities & Languages