IB Schools

IB Schools.

Since our inception, Elite IB has consistently worked closely with IB schools around the world. As experts in the International Baccalaureate, our team of tutors, consultants, and advisors have assisted schools and students alike in nearly every aspect of the IB.

We are proud to continue to support a number of leading international schools in the provision of guidance to students making their applications to universities, providing support and advice to students regarding university selection and personal statements, and assisting schools by directing teachers and coordinators on how to best support their students’ applications.

As educators in the International Baccalaureate, our close ties with schools perfectly place us to help students and families, relocating from abroad, consider their options in their new home and ensure every student of the IB receives world-class support.

If you’d like to know more about support we provide to schools, students and their families, get in touch.


Below is a map of all current IB World Schools located in Singapore.