Exam Preparation Course


$800 for two-day block (one subject over the span of two days)



  • 10% discount if signing up before 3rd September, 2017
  • 5% discount if signing up by 20th September, 2017
  • Full price if signing up from 21st September, 2017

Multiple Bookings:

  • $40 discount if signed up for 2no. 2-day blocks (4 days of tuition)
  • $80 discount if signed up for 3no. 2-day blocks (6 days of tuition)
  • Multiple booking discounts available until 9th October, 2017

Bring A Friend:

  • $30 discount for each student, for each two-day block attended


The Course fee are payable via bank transfer where in order to fully secure a place at the Elite IB Exam Preparation Course we will invite you to make a 50% deposit payment within the next 14 days of your registration and ask you to complete the full payment no later than 7 days before the commencement of the course. The payment details including the total fee and bank details will be sent to you via email at the time of the registration.

Download Resit Course Terms & Conditions