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UK University Admissions Support with EIB Admissions

Proven, quality support delivered to over 250 IB students over a decade by EIB Admission’s outstanding Consultants

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Trusted and reliable partner to IB students making their applications to UK universities.

As the only organisation devoted solely to helping IB students applying to study in the UK, we have a proven history of helping IB students demonstrate their ambition and excellence.
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Our Expertise

We've fostered a pragmatic approach to supporting students, drawing on our years of experience helping individuals navigate the UK’s university application system. Our respected and patient ethos gives each applicant the time to demonstrate their excellence and perfect their university application.

We're a registered UCAS Centre, able to oversee every stage of your UCAS application.
Our support is led by the independent research we conduct into UK universities each year
With international students overwhelmingly preferring London universities, we are experts in London-specific applications


students supported

With a decade of experience, and an outstanding track record, we're proud to have set over 250 students on their further education path.


made Russell Group offers

Every student we've supported has been made offers from a Russell Group university - the UK's 22 most prestigious institutions.


offered Oxbridge Interview

Every Oxford or Cambridge applicant we have supported has been invited to interview, compared to ~62% of applications nationally.

We chose EIB after meeting with Cana, Capstone, U Can and Crimson, for a number of reasons. Firstly EIB response time and friendly willingness to answer questions. Secondly the Oxbridge Admissions Support brochure EIB sent me is very detailed and explains the process and has an array of packages from basic, to comprehensive. I must have referred to that document a dozen times before deciding on EIB.  Thirdly, the stats in that document were appealing in terms of applicants EIB consulted for and their receiving offers from Oxbridge.

EIB Admissions family

Support for IB Schools

Draw on the experience of our team to offer your students the opportunity to study at the UK's most prestigious universities.
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Support Support Options

Our Schools Support is written from the ground-up to fit around your preexisting cohort support for students making further education applications, and we work closely with schools to fine tune our offerings to suit your school calendar even better.

Individual Student Support
From full UCAS administrative support across a year-group to specialised guidance for one student, our flexible approach means we are able to provide bespoke guidance, tailored to your students. For schools who already have in-house support, we can come in to support in more niche areas.
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Full Cohort Support
Full support from in school workshops to determine subject selection requirements for students looking to apply to UK universities through to personal statement support and school reference scripting, we're able to support students at every stage of their UCAS application.
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It is a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students - and parents - through the demanding requirements of school and college preparation.

Chris Green, IBDP Coordinator,  ACS Hillingdon

Free Resources, Articles & Events

EIB Admissions have a whole roster of free resources for applicants and families to take advantage of. From online and in-person events hosted around the world, to entry requirement matrices and guides to Adjustment. Access them all on the EIB Admissions site.
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You’ve made this process that I was dreading the most exciting experience imaginable. You’re amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Madina, EIB Admissions Law Applicant