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Pre-IB Summer Course

27th July and 30th July - 1st August

Whether this will be the first time you experience the IB, or have been preparing for months, the summer is the opportunity to ensure that YOU feel prepared to tackle the first couple of months of the IB. The team at Elite IB, all former IB students themselves, have hence put together a summer programme aimed at students who are about to start the IB.

On the 27th July there is a one-day workshop for students for whom the IB Diploma Programme will be a completely new experience - for instance, you might be changing schools, perhaps not done the IB's Middle Years Programme (MYP) previously, or simply not felt you have received enough guidance in your IB preparation and subject and level selection.

This will be followed by three days of subject specific revision (30th July-1st August) dedicated to both revising the pre-assumed knowledge of each of the subjects as well as get a head start on the IB syllabus. This is perfect for anyone who either wants a head start in a subject, or perhaps, wants the chance to experience a subject they are debating on taking in the IB but still not 100% sure on.



Perfect preparation

Our core course lets you know about all the key aspects of the IB: Which level of maths should you take? What do you need to know about TOK, EEs and IAs?


IB Experts

Our programme of workshops are delivered by the finest members of our team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners.


Getting started

Our subject workshops will make sure that you know everything you need to know to start the IB on the right foot.


Start your final year a step ahead with Elite IB's

Mid-IB Revision Course

29th - 4th August 2018

The Elite IB Mid-IB Course has been designed specifically for students between their first and second year of the IB. Whether you are looking to sharpen your writing skills or refine your understanding of the topics covered in your first year of the IB, this course has been built to ensure you can leave the course feeling ready to take on the upcoming academic year!

Focus on two of your IB subjects, each over two intensive days with some of the finest members of our tutoring team, taking away invaluable skills for the final IB year.



7.5 contact hours each day, with opportunity for further additional subject support


Focus on two of your IB subjects over intensive two-day periods.


Led by IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners


Receive the surest support at Elite IB's

Exam Preparation Course

1st - 9th October, 2018

Devised to support students looking to prepare for their final IB examinations in November, our Revision Course offers students an intensive, exam-focused revision programme to help them lay strong foundations before entering their exams.

Students will consolidate their knowledge of syllabi, practice examination technique, and gain confidence ahead of the exams in the company of other students and our exceptional team of IB tutors - including recent IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners.



Tailored tuition

Students share details about their strengths and weaknesses in each subject with their workshop tutors before the course, so their workshop can be tailored perfectly to their needs.


Small workshops

Workshops are capped at a maximum of five students, as well as attainment and expected grade, to ensure highly personalised, level-specific support, to ensure each student gets the support they need.


Expert tuition

Workshops are delivered by the most senior members of our tutoring team, and who have only received outstanding feedback from their former students.


Easter Revision Course

Registrations Closed

This course took place in April, 2019. You can find out more about our Easter Revision Course below, or check back soon for information about the 2020 course. For any last minute tuition before the 2019 exams please visit the enquiry form here

Our Easter Revision Courses return for their 8th year, and are devised to help every student achieve the very best in their IB examinations. In structured and rigorous workshops our team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners, help students revisit every aspect of the IB syllabi before the May examination period, giving students the confidence and knowledge to perform at the highest level. The workshops have an average of 5 students to a tutor and with the ability to cover three of your IB subjects at the Course, this is the perfect preparation with maximum individual focus and expert IB specific revision. Workshops available for first year, final year and MYP students



5 students per workshop on average

Highly focused, student-centred exam revision, with an average of 5 students to a tutor and the ability to choose up to three IB subject workshops


Taught by IB experts

Workshops delivered by the finest Elite IB tutors, themselves IB graduates, and up-to-date on all syllabus changes and amendments.


2 and 3 day workshops per subject

Three and two day workshops allowing students to cover the syllabus in depth as well as gain confidence on exam technique.


Support from Oxford & Cambridge graduates at Elite IB’s

Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

13th October and 24th November, 2018

An intensive, day-long course, conducted by graduates and students from Oxford and Cambridge, the Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course provides students with invaluable advice and support in all of the key interview skills you require to shine at your interview.

You will benefit from a programme of workshops covering interview technique, questions, and interview panels, and two mock interviews with an Oxford & Cambridge graduate in your field of study.



Outstanding Consultants

Our Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course is conducted by senior member of our Consulting team. At the course you’ll be paired with a graduate or student of Oxford & Cambridge, in the field of study you’re applying to, for your mock interview.


Personal feedback

After each of your mock interviews, your interviewer will feedback on you interview performance, and after the course you’ll receive a feedback report with suggestions for improvement and tips from your interviewer.


Medical Application support at Elite Medical's

Pre-Application Course

16th & 17th December 2017

To find out more about support with your Medical School application, please visit our Medical School Mentoring page

The Elite Medical Pre-application Course specifically caters for students in the process of writing their medical school application. The core focus will be on the crafting and editing of personal statements, alongside university selection.

The Course, running for 4 hours, has two blocks in which the morning seminar focuses on general key principles of writing successful medical personal statements, and the afternoon session offers personalised and tailored focus on each student’s individual personal statement. Our Medical Mentors, who are medical students and graduates, know what the key qualities medical admissions teams are looking for in a personal statement and how to ensure they shine through.



Interview Preparation at Elite Medical's

Mock Interview Course

2nd & 10th December 2017

Split between a morning of interview technique seminars and workshops, and an afternoon of mock MMI and Panel interviews, our Medical Mock Interview Course is the perfect opportunity to prepare to demonstrate your ambitions and ability at interview.

Led by our outstanding team of Medical Mentors, all of who are Oxbridge & Russell Group Medical School students (in their fourth years and above) and doctors, with extensive experience in successfully guiding prospective applicants on how to stand out to admissions officers throughout all stages of the UK application process.

What do our students say about our Courses?

"All of my tutors had a lot of resources printed for us to go through. They were flexible with their plans, so when we wanted to go through something in more detail they were able to accommodate that. They were all really friendly and made me feel more relaxed and calm about my revision."

Daisy, Student Easter Revision Course 2017

"They really help you with anything and give you the feeling that they want you to do your best"

Sophie, Winter Mocks Preparation Course students 2018

"I definitely think it has helped my revision"

Christine, Physics HL and English Language & Literature SL

"The tutors were excellent. They provided us with exam technique on how to answer questions effectively and I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time."

Biology HL, Chemistry HL and Maths HL,
Young Achiever Scholarship Student 2016

"It was very personal and it was focused on me"

Marcus, Mid-IB Summer Course student 2017

"I would definitely recommend this course as it has helped me feel more prepared for my interviews"

Aditi, Oxbridge Mock Interview Course attendee 2017 and successful Cambridge applicant

"Fantastic tuition with fantastic tutors, would highly recommend to anyone willing to take their IB knowledge to the next level"

Victor, Economics HL

"Was terrific, will recommend it to friends who are IB students"

IB Resits Course student 2017

"I've rarely seen my daughter so enthusiastic about a course. It must have been amazing! Congratulations to all the tutors! Wonderful program!"

Parent of Pre-IB Summer Course student 2017

IB courses, taught by IB graduates.

Every single tutor at our courses constitutes one of the finest members of our team, and only graduates who excelled in the IB can deliver our workshops. You can find out more about the team of tutors and Consultants on each course's page.

icon Just the IB

We only support students in the IB, so our team of tutors only includes those who know everything about it.

icon A world-class education

All our tutors are pursuing or hold degrees from some of the finest academic institutions in the world, like Oxford, LSE and UCL.

icon Embodying the IB

By virtue of their varied international backgrounds, our tutors truly embody the global ethos of the IB.

icon Personally interviewed

We interview every member of our team to ensure they the have the requisite knowledge of the IB we expect in order to provide exemplary support.

icon The perfect fit

We’re not a platform for tutors to market themselves to students, we personally consider the needs of every students before proposing a tutor to them.