May 2021 Exam Changes - The IBO has announced significant changes to the May 2021 examination period. Learn More >

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In-person and online tuition, delivered by the foremost team of tutors. From $72 p/hr.

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Join the foremost team of IB educators with flexible, affordable online and face-to-face tuition throughout Singapore.

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Online Easter Revision Course

April 3rd - 19th, 2021

A comprehensive programme of online revision workshops to prepare you for your final IB exams.

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May 2021 Exam Changes

The IBO has announced significant changes to to how May 2021 students are assessed. These changes will affect how students should prepare for assessments. Read about the changes and your next steps here.

May 2021 Exam Changes >
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We've been supporting students in the IB and IGCSE for over a decade, and are the first-choice for IB students and international schools in Singapore and throughout Asia.

It’s a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students through the International Baccalaureate.

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UK University Admissions

Research and expertise-led admissions support for IB students making their applications to UK universities.

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As a registered UCAS Centre we can oversee and advice on every aspect of your application
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May 2021 Examination Changes Report

Our 'May 2021 Examinations Report' goes into detail into all the changes the IBO have announced for every IB subject, as well as how to to respond and work with educators to minimise disruption as much as possible.

'May 2021 Examination Changes' Report ↗
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Outstanding Tutors

EIB's team of tutors across Singapore is only matched by our international team of online tutors.

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IB Advice & Consulting

Trusted, authoritative consulting on the IB for students and families. From IB school and subject selection to parent advice and university admissions.

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Giovanni just called me to let me know that the Global Politics exam went very well because Angelina covered the exact topics of the exam! Amazing!

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IB School Support

From IB accreditation to university admissions cohort support, teacher placement to accelerated IB retakes, EIB Education is a one-stop-shop for IB educators and institutions.

100s of talks and events delivered for free to IB schools!
15 schools around the world already work closely with us on a regular basis
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How we're responding to COVID

We're working hard to minimise the disruption to students and schools from the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about how we're working with stakeholders across the IB to help ensure no student is disadvantaged by the most recent development.

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Our International Offices

We’re as international as our students, and with offices in London, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Singapore (SE Asia and Oceania).

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Learn more about why EIB are the foremost team of IB educators below, or email us at to discover more.

Are you an IB school?

EIB is not an IB school, we are an independent tuition agency who offer private tuition to students across the MYP, IGCSE and Diploma Programmes. We cannot enter students for IB examinations. We can support students with private and residential tuition, as well as home schooling where students are registered with an IB school for their examinations.

Where does face-to-face tuition take place?

Tuition can take place at a student’s home, the tutor’s university, libraries or any other mutually convenient location throughout Singapore. EIB does not host students at our offices for tuition to take place.

Do you offer group tuition?

Yes, where students approach us together we can provide group lessons with a single tutor for up to 4 students. EIB, however, doesn’t host regular classes of subject tuition for students to join. You can read more about Group Lessons on the Online and Face-to-Face tuition pages.

How are you keeping students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’re taking our responsibilities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 seriously. To help students adapt to the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic we’ve shared guidance and information about how to conduct in-person lessons safely with our tutoring team, adapted our support options, and provided free resources and information to students and schools. You can read more about this on our ‘How we’re responding to COVID’ page.


我们的教学经理会讲流利的普通话。如果您有其他的任何疑问,您就可以通过 发送电邮给我们。

How much does tuition cost?

We’ve built the foremost team of IB tutors anywhere, including high-scoring IB graduates, IB teachers, and IBO Examiners. The support of our tutors starts at $72 p/hr, and we welcome students and families contacting us to discuss the experience, background, and qualifications of the tutor you’re looking for.

How can I contact you?

If you’d like to discuss your support you can contact us at and we’ll get back to your enquiry as soon as possible. If you’re ready to begin support and would like a tutor, you can register with us.